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Established in 1980, MGD Investments develops real estate to maximize guest appeal and create value via long term tenant success. MGD provides experienced, expert solutions to real estate/property concerns. Our knowledge in appraisal, market analysis, valuation and consulting enables us to identify methods appropriate to address our clients' individual needs. We then professionally apply those methodologies to form well-supported opinions and conclusions.

The strategic locations of our properties and our quality services have attracted: Banks, Law Firms, Fast Food Chain Restaurants, Food Malls, Serviced Offices, Electronic Stores, Mobile Phone Shops, Fashion Apparels and Accessories Shops, Boutiques.

Core Values:

  • Industry Goodwill and trust established over the years
  • Cordial relations with Bankers and financial institutions
  • Extensive knowledge about the industry Goodwill and trust
    established over the years
  • Sound Corporate Governance

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